ABCs of transportation

Browse our transport and logistics glossary designed to explain the specific jargon of road freight transport.
ABCs of transportation

The terms used every day by your carrier… and their meaning!

Your carrier tells you about a damage, a transport plan or a round of pick-ups… And you don’t always know what these technical terms mean?

ABCs of transportation

What are the main stages of a road transport of goods?

When you call on a company specialized in road transport of goods like Transports Goëvia, you know that your pallets or parcels will go through several phases.
The principle of damage and overdue goods
ABCs of transportation

The different regulations in the road transport of goods

In France and everywhere else, the road transport of goods and logistics services are subject to a legal framework.
The choice of Incoterms in transport
ABCs of transportation

Your carrier’s equipment: the terms you need to know!

Your carrier may sometimes talk to you about tailgate, pallet truck or semi-trailer… and you may not understand all these terms which refer to its own jargon.
The role of the tailgate and the pallet truck in logistics