Freight transport, a family history

Founded in 2001 by Eve and Joël Gonzalez, Transports Goëvia has always placed proximity at the heart of its priorities, with both customers and employees. Over time, the small family business has become a first choice partner in the industry, while maintaining its human and warm identity.


GLS Transports becomes Goëvia.

At the very beginning of the year, on the eve of the carrier’s 20th anniversary, the team is preparing to pay tribute to the founders, Joël and Eve Gonzalez. When defining a new brand name, it also seeks to highlight its dynamism, creativity and flexibility. This is how Transports GLS became Goëvia.


Online booking becomes possible

In order to simplify the daily life of its customers, Transports Goëvia is launching its Goëvia Online application. In just a few clicks, it allows you to obtain a personalized transport quote, to book and to manage your goods transport.


A new turning point brought by the 2nd generation of Gonzalez transporters

The second generation of entrepreneurs, led by brothers Benjamin, Maxime and Victor Gonzalez, took over the management of the company from their parents. The company is investing in the renovation of its offices and the expansion of its historical headquarters in Vayres, adding 10 new dock doors and 650 additional square meters. At the same time, a new strategic location was initiated with the construction of a second logistics warehouse in Cestas, south of Bordeaux.

The company is then the only carrier to offer optimal coverage of the Gironde, from north to south. Thus, it naturally bypasses the problem of congestion in the Bordeaux conurbation, optimizes distribution everywhere around Bordeaux in the Gironde and facilitates shipments to other destinations, from the Landes to the Basque country, even reaching as far as the south of Europe.


The creation of a new transport subsidiary in the Midi-Pyrénées region

The Bordeaux-based carrier is extending its reach to the South-West following the creation of the LGT 31 subsidiary in Lespinasse, near Toulouse. This network facilitates the control of exchanges between two strategic regions: the Greater Southwest and the Île-de-France.


The association with a new partner, Transports Lhéritier

The family transport company creates a new subsidiary in the Paris region with its partner Transports Lhéritier. The creation of LGT Île-de-France allows the company to be present in a strategic area on a national scale, around Paris. The agency, based in Rungis (94), offers a concrete response to all customers with goods transport needs between the South-West and the Ile-de-France.


Membership in the Evolutrans group of transporters

Joël Gonzalez joins the Evolutrans group to accelerate the deployment of his transport company on a national scale. Thanks to this initiative, the transport company can exchange with other transporters all over France, to develop its range of services and evolve its scope of activities with Volupal. GLS Transport accepts the role of south-west hub and centralizes Volupal services in the 17 (Charente-Maritime) and 33 (Gironde) departments.


Eve and Joel Gonzalez create together GLS Transports

Eve and Joël Gonzalez created Transports GLS, a family-owned goods transport company based in Gironde. From the very beginning, the company has positioned itself as a human interlocutor, committed to the quality of its relations with customers, employees and all partners.