Our commitments and our carrier’s CSR policy

Our Ecovadis-certified CSR policy guides all our actions at Transports Goëvia. Our ambition? To inscribe our philosophy and our values in the daily life and in the reality of your operations. Every carrier choice we make depends on our environmental ethics, the well-being of our employees, the needs of our customers and our focus on innovation.

Drivers, operators, sales representatives: the well-being of our employees is a priority

At Transports Goëvia, the workspace must be a place where you feel good, but also where you can give life to your personal and professional aspirations. Our HR policy aims to be inclusive, favouring the integration of profiles undergoing professional retraining (or having encountered difficulties). We are committed to the development of our employees in several ways:

  • Customized support for each employee, in training and career development
  • Work with the latest equipment, oriented towards ergonomics and comfort (quality office chairs, double computer screens, electric pallet trucks, etc.)
  • Specific animations to stimulate cohesion
  • Innovative partnerships for the benefit of employees(Colocauto)


Customers: giving us the means to meet logistical needs

Our customers need quality transportation services that are both efficient and reliable in order to keep their promises to their own customers and stakeholders. We strive to meet each of their requests in different ways:

  • Delivery of the goods in 24-48 hours, scrupulous respect of this commitment
  • Track & Trace of all shipments
  • Customized transportation plans to meet customer needs, reduce empty miles and maintain maximum productivity
  • Strict and structured specifications for all services, Ecovadis label
  • Evolution of the fleet and technical means according to the issues raised (fiberglass boxes to optimize loading, Oleo100 vehicles to reduce the CO2 footprint, etc.)

Innovating every day for more responsible and efficient transportation

In order to innovate in the MRT sphere, we make use of all our employees, without questions of hierarchy. In our offices, the COPIL assigns young talents to express themselves on major issues, within the framework of a collective governance. Today, several former COPIL members are part of the CODIR! Naturally, our innovation is not only managerial: it also concerns the processes we use on a daily basis.

  • Agile innovation, based on the suggestions of all employees, regardless of position and level in the hierarchy
  • Implementation of customized tools, with our design office, to improve transport plans, simplify processes and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Development of Goëvia Online, an online transport reservation application
  • Use of the best technologies on vehicles to increase efficiency and reduce pollution (air deflectors, live engine monitoring, etc.)

    Combining ecology and road transport

    As a French carrier, we are committed to showing that it is possible to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. For this, we have already made several choices in our transport company near Bordeaux:

    • Fully Euro 6 fleet, hybrid or Oleo100 compatible (100% French rapeseed oil)
    • Renewal of vehicles every 5 years
    • Automatic control of vehicle tires: Goëvia is the first French carrier to have implemented a TPMS system with Bridgestone
    • Use of a premium fuel with additives that reduce consumption
    • Awareness of eco-driving and recording of engine data for educational purposes