logistics and storage of goods

Connected logistics platforms throughout France to better manage the flow of goods.

Our commitments for all logistics services

Whatever the logistics service we provide, our commitments remain the same: we rigorously respect all goods.


Avoid breakage and litigation as much as possible

Broken or damaged merchandise slows down delivery and leads to financial losses, not to mention the impact on your brand image. Fully aware of these issues, we work in total and permanent respect of the freight, at the time of the wedging, the stowage, the loading or the unloading.

If necessary, we use additional packaging accessories, which protect the goods at the time of dock crossings (load breaks).

In addition, when we need to transport fragile and sensitive goods, we install cardboard skirts and caps – this is the case for pallets of bags, for example.


Track shipments step by step

Respect for the goods also requires careful and transparent management of each stage in the supply chain.

For this purpose, our employees associated with the logistics services proceed to the systematic flashing of the goods, for the incoming as well as the outgoing flows. All our drivers are equipped with smartphones to scan the goods, knowing that the goods remain perfectly traced also in our logistic warehouses.


Protecting goods and people

In order to avoid theft, damage and accidents that can have human consequences, we cover all our logistics sites with video surveillance. It protects pallets and packages as well as people.

Finally, we adapt our processes if necessary, depending on the complexity and risks associated with each type of merchandise. For example, our processes are scrupulously elaborated for the management of hazardous materials (ADR transports).

Our storage sites and logistics management

Transports Goëvia is the only company in the Bordeaux region to have three locations:

  • Vayres, the head office
  • Cestas, south of the city
  • Saint-Loubès, north of the city

This triple location facilitates the management of the transport plan in a city known for its traffic congestion. In 2023, Bordeaux will be the 2nd most congested city in France, just behind Paris.

33 – N

Vayres, North Gironde

Our head office is located in the north-east of Bordeaux: it is connected by road to the main French cities (Paris, Tours, Toulouse and Lyon).

  • Open 24 hours a day, 6 days a week
  • 4 000 m² of transit
  • 34 platform doors
  • Evolutrans Solutions Platform (Volupal and Volulots)

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33 – S

Cestas, South Gironde

Ideally located in the heart of the ZAC du Pot au Pin, this satellite agency is established in the main industrial pole of the region. Goëvia is the first carrier to set up in this very dynamic sector.

  • 4,000 m² of land reserve (1,000 m² extension built in May 2019)
  • 1 500 m² of transit
  • 10 platform doors

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33 – N

Saint-Loubès, North Gironde

Located less than 20 kilometers from Bordeaux and about 7.5 kilometers from Carbon-Blanc, this platform concentrates a wide range of logistics services.

  • 2,000 m² of surface area
  • Warehousing, order preparation and customized services

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Tonnay-Charente, Charente-Maritime

In the Rochefort (17) business park, this agency optimizes the establishment of Transports Goëvia on the Atlantic coast. In this sector, the company has its own operations department. Autonomous and expert in his territory, he manages his perimeter with agility and efficiency.

  • 1 500 m² of transit
  • 13 platform doors
  • Mutualization of orders for the departments of Charente

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Lespinasse, Haute-Garonne

In collaboration with the company Transports Lhéritier, Goëvia transports are located near Toulouse, one of the most important aeronautical centers in the world. A strategic choice to offer optimal transport and logistics coverage for the entire southwestern region.

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Rungis, Île-de-France

Located 15 kilometers south of Paris, the Rungis logistics platform is based on a bilateral collaboration with Transport Lhéritier. This choice to be present in Paris simplifies the management of goods flows around the capital, to and from the Île-de-France region, but also to Northern Europe.

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Employees trained to meet your logistics needs

Whether it is the choice of equipment or the continuous training of our employees, everything is put in place at Transports Goëvia to respect our commitments in logistics services:

  • CACES (Certificate of Ability to Drive in Safety)
  • Fire protection (use of extinguishers, evacuation procedures)
  • Health prevention (barrier gestures), hygiene measures (hand disinfection, etc.)
  • Safety training (safety instructions, risk management at the workstation)
  • Management of the ADR(transport of dangerous goods)
  • Educational support and training in eco-driving by a driver instructor
  • Quality training (management of information feedback, identification of disputes, fun and educational scenarios)

Our strategic locations allow us to serve nearly 20 French departments with our own fleet – but also all other departments and even Europe thanks to our large network of partners.