A carrier in Charente-Maritime who is committed to your goods

Are you looking for a freight forwarding company in Charente-Maritime? If you need to remove pallets of parcels in La Rochelle, Rochefort or Saint-Jean-d’Angély, contact Transports Goëvia. At our Gironde-based transport company, we do more than just get goods from point A to point B. We are committed to on-time delivery for each and every one of our customers. For each and every one of our customers, we are committed to on-time delivery, to taking all the necessary initiatives to protect the goods correctly, and to offering maximum guarantees in terms of transparency and traceability throughout the logistics chain.

Optimum delivery times in Charente-Maritime and throughout France

Transports Goëvia, whose head office is in Vayres in the Gironde, also has a branch in Cestas, south of Bordeaux. At the same time, to better serve all our customers in neighboring départements, we rely on another storage warehouse based in Tonnay-Charente.

For all the freight services we offer, we are committed to finalizing our deliveries within 24 to 48 hours. Over a large western half of the country, from Brittany to Paris, we deliver within 24 hours (except Finistère, for which our lead times are extended to 48 hours). Then, for the entire eastern half of the country, we guarantee a maximum delivery time of 48 hours for all goods shipments (full or partial lots, lengths, rolls and backsplashes, hazardous materials, etc.).

Optimum care for all goods deliveries

Rapid delivery of all goods, around the Charente and everywhere else in France, thanks to our extensive network and Volupal and Volulots services, is a strong promise of Transports Goëvia… But it’s not our only argument.

In addition to our speed in processing requests, we value the optimal traceability of all shipments. Our teams scan receipts on delivery. They are also equipped with barcode scanners to scan all goods at every stage. Better still, our Goëvia Online application enables all our customers to track their shipments online, in real time.

Because traceability shouldn’t be the only argument for a good freight forwarder in Charente, we arm ourselves with all the packaging accessories needed to better protect our customers’ parcels and other palletized goods. For example, if necessary, we don’t hesitate to place cardboard skirts and headdresses on the pallets. And that can make all the difference in the event of a hazard!


Transports Goëvia: a responsible SME in every respect

Download our free guide and find out more about our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy:

  • The well-being of our employees
  • A relationship of trust with our customers
  • Respect for the planet
  • Innovation for all
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