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The town of Bergerac is famous for its French play about a certain Cyrano, written by the famous author Edmond Rostand. Today, this charming town is known for its lively city center, with areas such as Place Gambetta right in the center. Stroll along rue Saint-Esprit to the banks of the Dordogne, and don’t forget Place de la Myrpe with its remarkable architecture! Looking for a transporter in Bergerac? As a company, you need to make sure you choose a service provider capable of offering you quality support: put your trust in Transports Goëvia.

Our freight transport services in Bergerac

Our company specializes in general cargo transport and is based east of Bordeaux, in the commune of Vayres. But thanks to our strategic locations (Cestas, Tonnay-Charente, Rungis, Lespinasse), we work all over France for all kinds of transport services.

In concrete terms, we deliver all your part or full loads (from 1 to 6 pallets) via Volupal, a service certified to Evolutrans specifications. We are also authorized to handle the transport of dangerous goods (ADR), transport in refrigerated trucks, as well as lengths and bulky goods, rolls and backsplashes, and parcels to be delivered as quickly as possible (courier service).

We can group goods for delivery to multiple destinations, in France and abroad.

Complementary services in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and throughout France

If you have specific freight and logistics requirements in the Bergerac area, don’t forget that we have the staff and equipment to handle your dedicated shipments. In concrete terms, this means that a vehicle containing only your goods will deliver everything from point A to point B, without stopping to (un)load at the dock (known in the trade as “load breaks”).

We also offer
vehicle rental with driver
which means our trucks can be customized to your colors. We also manage SAS deliveries, day and night. Finally, we offer a wide range of logistics services in our various warehouses. With several thousand square meters available all over France, we can handle pallet storage, order picking and much more.


Choosing the right road haulage company

Understanding your needs, meeting your requirements and offering you the best possible service: how do you choose the right carrier?

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