A London-based carrier with 20 years of international experience

When you choose Transports Goëvia to transport your goods to and from London, you’re relying on a company with over 20 years’ expertise in transport and logistics. We work daily with international partners who share our values, and who take the same care to comply with all applicable regulations.

London, a major city and a must for all carriers

When you offer international freight forwarding, you need to be prepared to deliver or load pallets in London and the surrounding area. The city is one of continental Europe’s strategic centers, with the City district famous for its London Tower, Tower Bridge and Museum of London, among other iconic buildings.

Many establishments in the Soho district have freight transportation needs, as it’s a very lively area, renowned for its bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Of course, freight forwarders may also find themselves in the historic district of Westminster, where many shops and services are open between the eponymous abbey and the majestic Buckingham Palace.

England’s capital is also known for its working-class districts such as Clapham, Ladbroke Grove, Willesden, Wimbledon, Southfields and Tooting. You need to master the city’s complex geography to be able to provide quality goods transport services on the spot… And you can trust Transports Goëvia to do just that!

Transports Goëvia's international approach: what's our added value?

Whether it’s road haulage of goods all over France or connections with Benelux and continental EuropeTransports Goëvia has more than 20 years of expertise behind it… Two decades during which the company has won over and built up the loyalty of a wide range of customers in the commercial, service, industrial and construction sectors (among others).

Thanks to our OVERSEAS service, we can offer all our international customers a truly multimodal solution, combining road, air and sea freight and customs management. Our customer service team also adapts to your needs and can speak several languages: French and English, of course, but also German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew and even Flemish.


How can I reduce freight-related disputes?

Identifying the main causes of disputes in the road transport industry gives you every chance of effectively avoiding them:

  • Anticipate all access constraints
  • Improve the packaging of your parcels and pallets
  • Choose a carrier with local expertise
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