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What criteria can help you choose a good carrier between Bordeaux and Orléans? Do you need a road haulage professional in Orléans, in the Argonne or Barrière Saint-Marc areas, for example? Would you like to load several pallets on the Saussaye industrial estate, straddling the communes of Orléans and Saint-Cyr? Put your trust in a reliable, expert transportation SME that puts customer satisfaction at the heart of its priorities. Choose Transports Goëvia, who have been customizing their transport plan for each customer day after day for over 20 years.

A responsible carrier for your shipments between Bordeaux and Orléans

From Bordeaux to Orleans or Orleans to Bordeaux, entrust your goods to an ethical carrier. Transports Goëvia, based in Vayres a few kilometers from Bordeaux, puts every action into perspective with its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.

The CSR policy of your Bordeaux Orléans transport company is based on 4 main principles: employee well-being, customer satisfaction, environmental protection and innovation in the service of ethics and success.

With our customers, we make sure that we always meet all our commitments, whether in terms of delivery times or the care we take in handling and processing each pallet. We also offer all our employees a quality working environment, with equipment specifically designed for their comfort. As far as protecting the planet is concerned, we have already discussed the energy transition of our vehicle fleet, which is exclusively Euro 6 certified, hybrid or Oleo100 compatible (100% French fuel made from rapeseed oil).

Lastly, in terms of innovation, we provide every employee with the latest generation of work equipment… And we enable our customers to order and manage all their freight transport online with Goëvia Online.

A versatile road haulage company to meet all your needs

To meet all your transport and logistics needs between Bordeaux and Orleans, we offer a wide range of services. We can handle partial or complete pallet loads, as well as lengths, bulky items, rolls and other backsplashes. We handle refrigerated transport and are authorized to accept shipments of dangerous goods (ADR). Would you like to use our services? Contact us, or simply request a quote online. It’s free, instant and without obligation.


An innovative, responsible and caring carrier

Our CSR policy targets our relationship with our employees, our customers and the planet… But also our relationship with innovation. Download our free documentation and discover :

  • Our CSR priorities
  • Our concrete commitments
  • Our improvement projects
  • Our values and ethics
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