Energy efficiency: how is your carrier dealing with the current situation?

6 Oct, 2022

Between inflation, shortages and market tensions, individuals and professionals alike are called upon to demonstrate “energy sobriety”. As a French road transport company, what is Transports Goëvia doing to mitigate its impact on the energy and economic crisis that affects us? Overview of our interpretation of sobriety!

Ecology, a priority of our CSR as a carrier

All transporters in Gironde and elsewhere are aware of the need to reduce their carbon footprint, knowing that this sector is still responsible for a significant share of greenhouse gas emissions.

Transports Goëvia’s fleet of vehicles is extremely efficient from an ecological point of view: 100% of its engines are hybrid, Euro 6 or Oleo100 compatible (100% rapeseed oil).

In keeping with our commitment to the planet, we systematically use a premium fuel for all our vehicles, to which we add additives. We also ensure that all our drivers respect the principles of eco-driving, through training and the use of several driving assistance technologies.

The energy sobriety of the logistics at the heart of our strategy

In order to reduce the energy consumption of a pallet transport company like Goëvia, it is not enough to renew the fleet of vehicles. In addition to the carbon dioxide emissions directly related to the miles we drive, we are working to reduce our entire carbon footprint.

For this, we equip all our sites with intelligent LED lighting. Naturally low energy consumption, these devices also allow for a tenfold increase in energy savings when they are carefully controlled.

On a daily basis, we avoid giving in to the temptation of over-consumption: whenever possible, we keep used elements to reuse them (pallets, packaging accessories, etc.). We always encourage reuse and we implement all useful initiatives to reduce the weight of our waste.

Dematerialization, another ecological gesture in road transport

Through Goëvia Online and all the tools we use to optimize our loads and limit the number of kilometers traveled, we strive to make our transportation plan more efficient, less polluting and less energy consuming.

Through online tools such as Goëvia Online, we significantly reduce the amount of paper and documents we need to keep, which can also help us to consume less and save more.

Energy sobriety is one of the issues that concern us all: individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, large groups, multinationals, etc. Each of us, at our own level, must take stock of initiatives that are compatible with a reduction in consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. For Transports Goëvia, this concern was present before the economic crisis and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine… it becomes even more central with the current context.

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