Goëvia, your first choice Bordeaux - Toulouse transporter

About 250 kilometers separate Bordeaux and Toulouse, two cities each with its own identity and culture. There are a number of emblematic districts in the Ville Rose that are must-sees for tourists: the beautiful Place du Capitole, Rue d’Alsace-Lorraine with its charming buildings, and Rue Croix-Baragnon. In Bordeaux, many visitors stroll along rue Sainte-Catherine, but also through the narrow cobbled streets of the Saint-Michel district, around the eponymous church. Do you need to transport goods between Bordeaux (Gironde) and Toulouse (Haute-Garonne)? Visit the Goëvia Online application – or simply contact Transports Goëvia near Bordeaux.

A partnership with LGT Transports that changes everything

Why choose Transports Goëvia rather than any other freight forwarder between Bordeaux and Toulouse? This Bordeaux-based company works on a daily basis with LGT Transports, based in Lespinasse just outside Toulouse.

The LGT Transports logistics warehouse is less than 15 km from downtown Toulouse. The company was launched in collaboration with Transports Lhéritier, a long-standing friend and partner of Transports Goëvia.

In short, if you call on Transports Goëvia for Bordeaux-Toulouse transport, you benefit from its Bordeaux expertise and theToulouse expertise of LGT Transports in Lespinasse. Always give preference to people who know their area and know how to build their transport plan around your needs, so you can benefit from more reliable and higher quality transport services in general.

Local transport companies at your service

At Transports Goëvia, we’ve been working in Bordeaux every day for over 20 years. For us, it’s not a problem to make rue Sainte-Catherine entirely pedestrian-friendly… Nor is it a problem to manage neighborhoods like Saint-Pierre and Saint-Michel, with their busy alleyways that are unsuitable for motorized vehicles (often pedestrianized).

In Toulouse, we work with LGT Transports, a company that is firmly rooted in its local area, proud of its terroir and managed like a rugby team with strong values. If you need to load or unload goods right in the heart of the pink city, near the Place du Capitole, for example, it won’t be a problem for the 100% Toulousian company LGT Transports, a loyal partner of Transports Goëvia.

Customer success

0 disputes and 72 hours faster delivery: our collaboration with Château La Verrière

Find out more about our customer success and our approach to meeting their specific requirements. Since the beginning of our collaboration, we have succeeded in :

  • Reduce transport costs by 5%.
  • Eliminate disputes
  • Meeting deadlines in 98% of cases
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