Managing long distances: advice from your Bordeaux - Amiens transport company

With its Notre-Dame cathedral, Jules Verne house, Musée de Picardie, 27-storey Perret tower and hortillonnages, Amiens is a city rich in architecture, culture and nature. Bordeaux, too, has many nuggets that attract tourists from all over the world: the Cité du Vin, gourmet restaurants, the immense Rue Sainte-Catherine and the magnificent Saint-Michel bell tower, impressive for its height and majestic appearance. Are you looking for a service provider to transport goods between these two charming cities, Bordeaux and Amiens? Goëvia offers a few essential tips to help you choose the right contact.

Draw up a qualitative transport plan

To contact the right Bordeaux – Amiens transporter, start by looking at the companies able to offer a transport plan tailored to your needs and expectations. Indeed, over a distance as long as Bordeaux – Amiens, you need to be able to organize yourself to optimize costs… But also to guarantee delivery that’s both fast and of the highest quality.

In concrete terms, Transports Goëvia is used to handling long distances. If they have to deliver to Amiens’ Zone Industrielle Nord from Bordeaux, they know how to make the best choices in terms of route and logistics in general.

For example, to save time and money, we don’t always take the freeway. Sometimes you can get to your destination more quickly on the national routes – which is why we don’t hesitate to use them, if it means better results.

If required, we can also route goods via cross-docking platforms, in collaboration with our numerous partner carriers.

Working with a wide network of carriers

Choosing Transports Goëvia for your freight pallet transport from Bordeaux to Amiens means giving yourself every chance of getting the best possible value for money.

We work hand in hand with a hundred other small and medium-sized transport companies throughout France, via the Évolutrans network. Using standardized services such as Volupal, we deliver batches of 1 to 6 pallets within 24-48 hours anywhere in France, even over distances as long as the one between Bordeaux and Amiens. Methodically distributed throughout France, our cross-docking platforms help to streamline our goods exchanges and simplify our operating procedures for all types of transport, over medium to long distances, and even internationally.


Finding the right carrier at the best price: our tips

You don’t know what criteria to take into consideration when choosing your road haulage company? Download our guide and get free access to our advice:

  • Take stock of your needs
  • Find the fairest rate
  • Reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible
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