Managing your freight to the Netherlands: some essential tips

As part of the Benelux territory, the Netherlands borders Belgium and Germany, making it a central destination in Europe for both tourism and business! Taking full advantage of its central position in the European Union, the Netherlands is renowned for its extensive transport infrastructure. The port of Rotterdam, for example, is considered the largest in Europe… and one of the largest in the world. Beyond this major port, the Netherlands relies on an immense network of rivers, canals and waterways to manage all its flows, not to mention Amsterdam-Schiphol airport and the 2,808-kilometer rail network, one of the busiest in Europe. In this dynamic region, transporting goods to the Netherlands is part of everyday business. Looking for a carrier that serves cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam? Choose Transports Goëvia near Bordeaux and prepare this delivery in the best conditions.

Prepare your goods for trouble-free arrival in the Netherlands

Throughout the Netherlands, the economic system is essentially based on international trade, as well as on several large Dutch groups that were formerly public monopolies (Damen Group, TNT Express and Group ING, among others). Here, imports and exports take place on a daily basis – which is why there’s a real need to transport goods to the Netherlands.

When you ship your pallets to the Netherlands, make sure you pack them correctly: if you have a problem with the packaging, you can’t take legal action against the carrier… Because it’s up to the sender to prepare the goods correctly.

The pallets must be rigorously assembled before leaving for the Netherlands: the heaviest parcels at the bottom, the bulkiest and lightest at the top. Make sure you create a compact, solid unit that can hold its own, without too many empty spaces that could threaten the stability of the handling rack. Next, be sure to film the entire pallet. This will both prevent falls and protect your parcels from bad weather and other hazards.

Pass on all relevant information to your carrier to the Netherlands

Another essential prerequisite for the successful transport of goods to the Netherlands is communication with your haulier. He or she must be informed of all details that may affect loading, unloading and the journey. For example, if the unloading site is not accessible to heavy goods vehicles, this will pose a problem. You need to anticipate these details to avoid having to organize a second delivery, which will both delay the supply chain and increase transport costs.

Look out for areas that are difficult to access and terrain that is not suitable for trucks: if you know that there are any on the sender’s or receiver’s side, start the dialogue as soon as possible to prepare for this delivery to the Netherlands with Transports Goëvia.


How can I reduce freight-related disputes?

Identifying the main causes of disputes in the road transport industry gives you every chance of effectively avoiding them:

  • Anticipate all access constraints
  • Improve the packaging of your parcels and pallets
  • Choose a carrier with local expertise
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