Search for a transport and logistics provider in Portugal: the choice of the human SME!

Why not call on a family-run transport and logistics SME to handle all your freight shipments to Portugal? If you often work in Lisbon, Porto, Faro or Evora, you can partner with Transports Goëvia to deliver your pallets of goods to your customers and/or colleagues. Based in the commune of Vayres, east of Bordeaux, we are backed by a solid national and international transport plan. Thanks to our OVERSEAS service, we can offer every customer with international needs a complete multimodal solution.

A transport and logistics expert to ship your pallets to Portugal

Portugal’s economy relies heavily on exports, in many areas such as textiles, cars, manufactured goods, computer and electronic components, and all kinds of building materials.

Around 80% of Portuguese goods destined for export remain within the European Union, with approximately 5% going to North America. Logically, road haulage needs around Portugal are significant, and companies like Transports Goëvia are there to meet them with expertise and agility.

At the same time, Portugal, with its charming little streets in Lisbon and sandy beaches around paradise towns like Faro, is a first-rate tourist destination. This aspect of the local economy also increases the need for transport, as all the professionals associated with the vacation and leisure world have to be supplied.

Transports Goëvia has over 20 years’ experience in its field. It is a major player in transport and logistics in its region, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, but also on a national scale (notably with the Volupal and Volulots services offered by Évolutrans).

A human transport company that listens to its customers

Finding a freight forwarder who offers international transport services is an essential step for any company working outside France.

But as a professional, you’re also likely to want to forge partnerships with experts who listen to you, are completely trustworthy, and are ready to adapt to you. Choose Transports Goëvia: our customer service team is always on hand to answer your questions in all the major European languages. And all our departments are at your disposal to offer you a fully customized transport plan around Portugal.


Choosing and managing your transport station

There are several transport companies near you: how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

  • Matching your needs
  • Value for money
  • Local knowledge
  • Ethics
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