Trust your expert transporter on Oléron

In the heart of a peninsula renowned for its fishing harbors, sandy beaches, lighthouse and bike paths, there’s no shortage of leisure options. Here, visitors flock to the port of La Cotinière in Saint-Pierre-d’Oléron, the beautiful beach of Les Huttes, the beach of La-Brée-les-Bains, as well as the historic site of La Piratière, Fort Louvois and the dolmen of Ors, among other tourist wonders. Do you work in this beautiful area and would like to call on a carrier on the Ile d’Oléron? Simply choose a local, versatile and expert player: contact Transports Goëvia.

A carrier in Oleron that's perfectly transparent about its rates

When you choose Goëvia as your transport provider in Oléron, you get a clear, straightforward price offer with no nasty surprises. At our small transport business based in Vayres near Bordeaux, we strive to maintain a relationship based on trust and transparency with each of our contacts. For example, we’ve got into the habit of publishing the diesel fuel tax every month, to help all our customers anticipate their expenses.

At the same time, when you call on our services to obtain a quote for road transport on Oléron, the price we quote includes appointment setting, file management fees, invoicing fees, the provision of a tailgate and pallet truck, and labeling for optimum traceability.

Load a batch of 3 pallets at Boyardville marina, deliver parcels on rue du Phare or avenue de l’Océan: whatever your request, call on our services. We will put in place all the technical and logistical resources required to meet your needs.

A transport player on the Ile d'Oléron who knows your territory

Initially based to the east of the Bordeaux conurbation in the commune of Vayres, Transports Goëvia has also opened a branch in Cestas, south of Bordeaux, to better serve the whole Gironde department and the city of Bordeaux.

At the same time, since the transport company near Ile d’Oléron has had its own subsidiary in Charente-Maritime for some twenty years, it can meet all your freight transport needs, on Ile d’Oléron and elsewhere in the South-West and in France.

Our freight forwarding company near the Ile d’Oléron has a logistics warehouse in the commune of Tonnay-Charente. This enables merchandise to be stored, orders to be prepared and optimum delivery times to be guaranteed throughout the département, as well as in neighboring departments such as Gironde and Charente.


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