What is a freight forwarder in road transport?

In road haulage, chartering is an agreement between a charterer and a transport company. The latter provides the charterer with the necessary vehicles and personnel, depending on the nature of the initial transport request. In this sense, the charterer plays the role of intermediary role between road haulier and customer (shipper looking for a transport solution for its goods). Its aim is to offer end customers the best possible value for money, while meeting their requirements in terms of goods handling and delivery times. The charterer not only finds the solution, but also draws up the contracts and checks the quality of the services provided.

What does a charterer do for a road haulage company in France?

A road haulage company may need a charterer: when a customer makes a request that is not part of the transport planwhich requires a multimodal approach (transport by road, sea or air) or the use of a vehicle which is not part of the fleet (bulk transport, transport with tipper or tanker truck, transport of live animals, etc.).

At Transports Goëvia, when our chartering manager takes on a customer’s request, he makes sure to always respect all the rules set out in the customer’s specifications. Its role is to find the best compromise at the best price. Once the service provider has been chosen, it’s up to the customer to negotiate the rates, as well as the conditions of pick-up, transport and delivery of the goods to the consignee.

The chartering business

A chartering professional knows all the regulations and legislation specific to road haulage (transport, international trade, customs formalities, etc.). A skilled negotiator, the charterer naturally also needs to master sales techniques and the specificities of the transport and logistics world.

His job is characterized by the diversity of his missions and the omnipresence of human relations: as an intermediary, the chartering manager may be in contact with all the players in the logistics chain… He must therefore have excellent interpersonal skills, among other qualities.

Transports Goëvia's chartering service to meet all your needs

The road haulage company Transports Goëvia works with its own charter managerThis quality of service has already won the loyalty of the many customers for whom we work with our own fleet of vehicles and our own transport plan in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, in France and internationally.

For our part, chartering offers the possibility of meet our customers’ requirements in their entirety. Our fleet of vehicles and our expert staff already enable us to meet complex demands: management and delivery of technical batches, handling of temperature-controlled goods, international transport, etc. But if you need to transport extralengths or bulk, for exampleHowever, you can always call on our team and benefit from the expertise of our charterers and our customer service. In the case of a charter, we remain your privileged contact at every stage: order processing, feedback, delivery and invoicing.


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