What is freight consolidation?

Freight consolidation is part of everyday business for freight transport companies in Bordeaux and elsewhere. In a single truck, this involves loading several goods belonging to different customers – as opposed to a “dedicated” delivery, which involves loading a vehicle with the goods of just one customer. Transports Goëvia can handle both full and partial loads (a few pallets, or even a single pallet if necessary), thanks to its groupage service.

Why does your carrier use groupage?

By grouping goods, your carrier can offer its services to a wider range of customers. Even if you have one or a few pallets to ship and a small budget, you can benefit from the services of a transport company that offers groupage services, for both short and long distances.

This type of transport, sometimes referred to as “less-than-truckload” transport, enables us to fill our vehicles more efficiently and optimize the organization of each tour. This organization offers definite advantages both financially and ecologically (less fuel consumed, which also reduces the carbon footprint of road transport).

The advantages of freight consolidation for carriers

With freight consolidation, your transport company in Nouvelle-Aquitaine (and anywhere else in France) can reduce its operating costs. On a day-to-day basis, it saves on both transport and storage costs in logistics warehouses.

What’s more, grouping and ungrouping goods makes it easier to set up regular routes to serve a large, pre-defined territory. Your carrier can more easily deliver goods to multiple destinations, and even handle a much higher volume of orders.

Carriers like Goëvia are also seeking to meet a growing number of commitments in terms of ethics and environmental protection. They achieve this more quickly thanks to goods grouping: fewer kilometers traveled with optimized vehicle loads, which helps limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Why choose a groupage transport company?

From the customer’s point of view, there are also a number of advantages to grouped goods. Thanks to this operating mode, your carrier is able to offer you more affordable rates. In concrete terms, by sharing your expenses with other customers whose goods are loaded on the same truck, you save on your transportation costs.

Groupage of goods

Grouping goods also means you can take charge of your shipments without waiting for a complete batch to be picked up. Do you need to send one or two pallets urgently? This is possible if you find a transport company that does groupage/ungroupage.

Are you looking for a freight forwarder who specializes in groupage? Call on Transports Goëvia and book online with Goëvia Online. You’ll get a free, personalized and fixed quote in just a few clicks. You pay only for the space occupied by your goods, at a 100% transparent rate including diesel tax.


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