Your carrier in La Rochelle and its wide range of services

The old port and Cours des Dames, the shopping district around Rue du Palais, the Grosse Horloge, the Maritime Museum and the Automata Museum: La Rochelle has plenty to attract tourists. Every year, they come from all over France and beyond to enjoy the iodized air, the beautiful beaches and the exotic walks on the nearby Ile de Ré. Between tourism, port activities (Les Minimes marina, Vieux-Port, Port-Neuf, Chef de Baie fishing port and Port Autonome) and industry, La Rochelle’s economy is both diversified and dynamic. If you’re looking for a freight transport professional to meet your needs around La Rochelle, choose Goëvia’s expertise.

Freight transport in La Rochelle: our expertise

When you call on Transports Goëvia to deliver or ship pallets of goods around La Rochelle, you know you’re dealing with experts who can adapt to any request.

For example, we are equipped to handle deliveries in city centers. If you need to access partially pedestrianized (or “calmed”) areas such as Rue du Palais, Rue Chef de Ville or Rue Gambetta, for example, you need to be able to anticipate this. We handle partial and full lots, as well as lengths, bulky items and all kinds of indivisible masses. Fully authorized to transport hazardous materials (ADR), we also ship rolls and backsplashes.

Our transport and logistics services around La Rochelle

Spread over the South-West and Île-de-France regions, our 5 connected logistics platforms enable us to deliver to a large quarter of France within 24 hours. We also guarantee delivery of all your goods in less than 48 hours anywhere in France: we work hand in hand with a hundred French small and medium-sized transport companies, all members ofÉvolutrans.

If necessary, we can set up dedicated transport and logistics solutions around La Rochelle, Bordeaux and the main towns in the south-west. Our teams also speak 11 different languages: we can handle all your international shipments, anywhere in Europe, without a care in the world.

Finally, to top it all off, our Goëvia Online platform enables all our customers to obtain their quotes online in just a few clicks, and to book and manage their freight shipments. All the expertise of Transports Goëvia is just a click away, in La Rochelle and everywhere else in France!


Choosing the right road haulage company

Understanding your needs, meeting your requirements and offering you the best possible service: how do you choose the right carrier?

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