Your carrier is chartering: what does that mean?

When it comes to transporting goods, chartering is a common and widespread practice. Here, the goods (also known as “freight”) are entrusted by your carrier to another colleague. The latter makes his or her vehicle available to us, either in part or in full, as the case may be and as required. This partnership between transport professionals enables each to extend its range of services, and above all to guarantee optimum handling of all customer needs… all without impacting on the fluidity of the customer experience and the quality of service obtained.

How is a charter carried out?

There are several ways to carry out a charter: direct contact with the carrier, or exchanges by e-mail and telephone. In some cases, we also use freight exchanges, platforms that put charterers and carriers in touch with each other.

If required, some carriers can also use software designed for chartering. In fact, some TMSs (Transport Management Systems) include functions for centralizing information and greatly facilitating the exchange of electronic data interchange (EDI) between the two carriers.

Chartering to meet all your freight transport needs

Professional charterer

What happens when you charter a vehicle? The shipper sends his transport request to the charterer, which can be our company Transports Goëvia. We organize the
transport of pallets
or goodsand we take care of all the administrative formalities. We entrust the merchandise and its shipment to a partner, but we remain the customer’s privileged contact throughout the transport process, including billing. The customer pays our company for the transport, and we pay our partner for the delivery work.

What does chartering at Transports Goëvia really involve?

At Transports Goëvia, we use chartering to meet our customers’ every need. This practice enables us to extend our range of services, going beyond our own technical or geographical specificities.

For example, if our customer asks us to transport a load for which cranage is unavoidable, we contact a colleague because we don’t have the necessary equipment. What’s more, if we have to set up multimodal transport with part of the route by sea or rail, we’ll also have to rely on chartering to meet customer demand.

Why choose Transports Goëvia as your charterer? At home, chartering always rhymes with quality. We are committed to working only with partners who share our values and who, like us, place a premium on service. Every day, our charter manager ensures the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our customers… who confirm their trust in us by calling on our services again and again, month after month and even year after year.


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