Deliveries before Christmas: why choose Transports Goëvia?

12 Oct, 2023

Deliveries before Christmas? Get ready now!

Christmas is the last highlight of the year for companies. A large number of orders have been booked since the end of October. During the festive season, retailers and transporters alike have to deal with an average of three times as many requests as in normal times. It’s also a time of great danger. And with good reason: the challenges of offering a quality delivery experience are many: post-Christmas delivery, damaged or lost parcels, multiplied prices, and so on. To ensure your customers receive their goods before Christmas, get ready…

On the road to offering the best delivery service !

Christmas: the most difficult time for your goods deliveries

Dringgg: end-of-year sales peaks are just around the corner! A relief for your business, but also a stressful time for you. The number of delivery requests before Christmas is going to multiply, and you’re going to have to find the right carrier to absorb them, without any breakages, delays or losses. A major challenge. Freight forwarding can be a tricky business, and with good reason: the demands are many. Lacking resources, carriers may have to extend their delivery times. But what can you do to deliver to your customers before Christmas? Don’t panic, shopkeepers, oyster farmers or winegrowers, we’ve got the solution for you .

Oyster farmers, winegrowers, retailers: get ready to deliver before Christmas!

Put an end to your year-end freight problems once and for all! Every year, you think the same thing about this tense time of year. But you’re still just in time, and the consequences can be serious. Your goods may arrive late, broken or worse, delivered after Christmas. This is a major problem for gifts and an unavoidable one for food products. Winegrowers and oyster farmers alike can’t do without you this Christmas. These tips are especially for you:

  • Anticipate your orders: every year, many consumers come to you to make their purchases. So rely on previous orders and current market conditions to forecast your transport needs.
  • Plan your transport: the earlier you plan your requests, the more likely you are to avoid delays.
  • Keep your carrier informed: to ensure that your pre-Christmas deliveries run smoothly, provide your carrier with as much information as possible. Lost packages or rescheduled deliveries will be limited.
  • Ask your haulier for advice: he knows his business better than anyone, and will be able to advise you.

Choose the right carrier for your Christmas deliveries

Christmas is a busy time for you, and for carriers too. High demand is changing their organization. At Transports Goëvia, we’re used to dealing with Christmas and all the other busy periods of the year. Orders don’t scare us. Your customers will be delivered on time, and you’ll be contributing to the success of their Christmas meal.

We mobilize the human, material and technical resources needed to ensure that your goods are delivered before Christmas. Experts are on hand during this period, supported by equipment. As for you, don’t panic, you can place your order in just one click on Goëvia Online, our online transport booking platform.

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