Why use chartering in freight transport?

15 Jun, 2022

In order to provide the most complete service possible to their customers, freight transporters use several different solutions, including chartering. What is it and why can your motor carrier use it? At Goëvia, we take advantage of our chartering skills to broaden our offer in terms of geographical scope, but also in terms of technical specificities! A profitable choice to better support our customers in a constantly changing environment.

What is a motor carrier charter?

Road haulage companies, when faced with larger or less usual demands, may resort to chartering. In concrete terms, they call on an expert partner to provide the service requested by the customer, under the best possible conditions and at the best possible price.

In order to take advantage of the benefits of chartering, you should always trust an expert who is used to working in a network, capable of quickly understanding your request and mobilizing the necessary means… As Goëvia has been doing every day for more than 20 years now!

We offer chartering to extend our offer beyond technical or geographical specificities. For example, our chartering manager can be called upon when craning is required or when road and sea transport must be combined. Chartering is also valuable for shipping goods across the borders of the European Union, sending a full truckload to Turkey or finding a solution for a new supplier on the other side of the country – and even the continent.

Chartering also allows us to transport goods that are not handled by our teams, such as bulk, coils, extra lengths and services with on-board trucks, for example.

Choosing a pallet carrier: working with the right partners

At Goëvia, we adhere to the same quality requirements for chartering as for other services. In all cases, we check that the delivery times announced correspond to the requirements formulated. We also ensure that we work with carriers whose expertise we know and who are true to our ethical and social values.

Should I request a charter from Goëvia?

It is not easy, for a professional wishing to transport his goods, to know if it is useful to consider a charter or not. When you call upon our services, we take care of checking if we have the necessary means for you. If our internal offer does not meet your requirements, our charter manager will do everything necessary to accompany you and facilitate the delivery of your goods.

Understand chartering in a few seconds!

1- I contact Goëvia for a transport of goods.

I specify the point of departure and destination, the type of merchandise and the desired timeframe.

2- My contact at Goëvia organizes the transport.

The operations department assigns my transport to its team, depending on the resources available. If it is less appropriate to organize the transport in-house, the request can be forwarded to the chartering department.

3- The chartering manager receives the request and contacts a carrier.

A chartering manager takes note of my request, and calls a carrier who can answer it. He chooses the one that offers the best deal for my requirements and needs.

4- My transportation is confirmed, I didn’t need to do any additional research!

Chartering allows me to work with another carrier, still under the direction of my usual carrier. I know that Goëvia is in charge of my chartering: I know that my goods are in good hands… And I don’t have to waste time looking for another provider.

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