Everything you need to know about the job of data entry operator in the TRM

Data entry operators may work for a number of different companies. But in a road haulage company, he’s in charge of registering all the goods that are transported. data for each order, using computerized tools at its disposal. On a daily basis, the data entry operator receives all kinds of documents, which must then be sorted and processed, and whose information must be checked before entry. At the heart of the data digitization process, this employee plays an important role in the organization and administrative management of transport operations. With the advent of automation tools, however, this job is becoming increasingly rare, to the benefit of other, slightly different tasks.

What does a data entry operator do for a carrier?

The data entry operator plays a strategic role in the management of the road haulage company’s administrative documents. He feeds the databases daily with information he receives, processes and checks.

Data entry operators are in many professional fields. They can work with medical practices, lawyers, banks and accountants. On a day-to-day basis, they perform other administrative tasks, such as transcribing meetings.

Depending on the company and its organizational structure, the data entry operator may also be employed as a typist-coder or handling operator. Generally speaking, his job can be done from home. People who make this career choice are also driven by a real passion for IT: their role allows them to familiarize themselves with many different tools.

The know-how of a data entry operator at a glance

The data entry operator, in a transport company as in any other organization, is confronted with several types of software and IT tools. He uses them to produce a transcription that is fast, efficient and perfectly accurate – without any typing errors!

A data entry operator needs to have good organizational skills, to prioritize his tasks and work methodically, like an operator or logistics operator for example! Ideally, it has secretarial skills that enable him to carry out all kinds of filing and archiving tasks with ease. filing and archiving (transport invoices, EDI, etc.).

Training to become a data entry operator

Several career paths are compatible with that of a data entry operator. In most cases, the latter has a diploma in bac +2 levelor a professional secretarial baccalaureate with a BTS in administration.

Working as a data entry operator in a road haulage company can also be a real springboard to other secretarial jobs, sometimes with strategic functions and even a decisive role in management.


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