Freight transport: the advantages of the Volupal network

6 Jun, 2023

On the occasion of Volupal’s 20th anniversary, we explain in this article how the partnership with Volupal has enabled Transports Goëvia to develop its offer, and present the next steps in the collaboration.

Volupal: a benchmark for palletized freight in France

Évolutrans was born out of the desire of French transport SMEs to share their ideas and experiences. Shortly after the group was founded, the members decided to go one step further and pool their freight transport services by creating Volupal.

Volupal can transport 1 to 6 standardized pallets anywhere in France. The network covers general and dangerous goods (ADR classes 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9), and all services are subject to the same conditions of safety, hygiene and product preservation. What’s more, the network is committed to offering clear, transparent pallet rates. The Wepal online booking platform, to be launched in 2022, is a logical step in this direction.

Thanks to 550 trucks and 11 cross-docking platforms spread across the country, our carriers can deliver within 24 to 72 hours. Volupal, which has 65 members, is recognized for its quality of service, both in terms of on-time delivery and price transparency.

The Transports Goëvia – Volupal partnership: a vector for growth

Transports Goëvia joined Évolutrans in 2004. With Volupal, we have been able to develop our range of services and expand our scope of activity from the regional to the national level. We are connected to 6 platforms every day.

What’s more, as a carrier in Gironde and Charente-Maritime, we centralize Volupal services in these two departments. With our star platform on our website, we’ve become a transport expert in the southwest.

In addition, with the Volupal network, we aim to reduce the number of empty kilometers driven by our trucks, which is in line with our CSR policy.

The network also facilitates bilateral collaboration. In 2007, for example, we set up a joint subsidiary with Transports Lhéritier, one of the founding members of Évolutrans, with a branch near Toulouse.

What are Goëvia’s ambitions within Volupal?

As we’re always looking to adapt to our customers’ demands, we want to continue innovating, hand in hand with Volupal. Here are our ambitions:

  • Greater visibility: through trade shows and press communications, Volupal enables us to stay close to companies.
  • Delivery of larger lots: we aim to increase our attractiveness for the transport of larger lots. With this in mind,Évolutrans has launched the Volulots service for managing batches of 7 to 15 pallets.

  • Diversification of services: we want to develop palletized services and complementary offerings, such as 2-person delivery and urban deliveries, especially in Low Emission Zones (ZFE).

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