Labeling to better track and transport goods

31 Oct, 2022

In all transport and logistics companies, the importance of labels on packages and pallets is stressed. Beyond the traceability issues, they guarantee the optimal communication of all information, and they can avoid a certain number of incidents. Careful design and attention to readability will improve your chances of reducing delays and unforeseen events in the supply chain.

Labeling, a key step in the supply chain

In order to facilitate exchanges and automate a maximum of processes, thelabeling of goods remains essential… It is a strategic issue for any transport company, in Bordeaux as elsewhere.

In terms of logistics, proper labeling of merchandise facilitates inventory and real-time inventory management. It also helps to easily find all the packages and pallets, via a simple, readable and fully automated tracking system.

Then, once the goods leave the logistics warehouse and are delivered, the labeling facilitates the management of schedules, thanks to a better flow of all information.

Which label should I use to transport my goods?

There are several types of merchandise labels:

  • Bar code labels. They are very reliable, easy to implement in transport and logistics companies and relatively inexpensive.
  • RFID tags, which are based on radio frequency technology. This intelligent format is capable of storing and processing more information, while having an excellent shelf life.

What information can be found on a shipping label?

Each carrier works with its own model of transport label, in order to have all the necessary information at its disposal. In general, the label must include all the data related to the sender and the recipient of the goods: address, postal code and city of departure and arrival, country, tracking number, date, weight, number of packages, contents, shipping method. This other information also appears on all transport labels: consignment of handling units (Rolls, Europe pallets), delivery instructions, declared value, cash on delivery, shipper reference and consignee reference).

Each element on a transport label has its own specific role. This means that no information should be cut off or illegible – if this is the case, a new label must be issued.

When you place an order with Goëvia Online, your shipping label is automatically generated at the time of your reservation. So you don’t have to worry about the form of the support and the information to be added, everything is simple and a few clicks are enough to prepare your delivery of goods in the smallest details.

Book your transport online to ensure that you transmit all the information to the transport company, save time and enjoy total transparency, both on rates and on the course of the delivery with Track & Trace.

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