Let’s take stock of our actions in favor of the environment

12 Jul, 2022

We have already talked about it a lot, especially on this website, the environment has become a major issue at Goëvia. So, over the last few years, we have implemented a number of actions, at all levels of the company, to minimize our impact on the environment and adopt a virtuous behavior.

Beyond words, let’s take stock of the weight and the concrete and factual scope of our actions. Respect for the environment is not just a posture at Goëvia but a commitment that must be measured and analyzed to be effective.

Our fleet of trucks, the heart of the action

At Goëvia, our fleet is of course the heart of our transport activity. Indeed, for the actors of the road transport of goods, the major stake is the reduction of the environmental impact of trucks.

Unfortunately, there is no miracle solution to limit carbon emissions and this paradigm shift requires time and investment.

We have therefore chosen to implement a progressive and ambitious strategy up to 2024. To date, 25% of our truck fleet is eco-responsible, and this will increase to 50% by 2024.

Consume less:

– Our teams have imagined hybrid vehicles designed for the urban center of Bordeaux with solitght bodies, lighter, which allow to reduce the weight of the chassis and thus limit the fuel consumption.

– We have chosen to limit all our trucks to 85km. This simple measure made us save 0.6L/100. This fuel economy also means fewer emissions into the environment.

Consuming better :

– Development of our B100 fleet (crit’air 1): our three sites have invested this year to install Oléo 100 tanks with rapeseed oil, produced in France. This vegetable fuel offers the same autonomy as diesel with a carbon footprint 2.5 times better.

– 100% of the fleet is EURO 6 or EURO 6+ standard: We only use quality fuel and we add an additive which reduces particles thanks to a better combustion of the diesel. The gain was measured at 1L/100 as soon as it was put in place.

Accompanying drivers in eco-driving practices

All our drivers are trained in eco-driving practices and are accompanied by our Driver Monitor, Boris, on the issues of driving behavior.

A weekly report is generated for each driver to evaluate practices and try to improve or correct driving habits.

For example, between 2022 and 2021, a Goëvia driver will waste an average of 8% less diesel on his rounds.

Despite a tightening of the driving assessment criteria in 2021, our drivers’ average score improved from 2021 to 2022 to 7 out of 10.

Tires: risk prevention

Thanks to our partnership with Côté Route, we carry out the analysis of the tire data at each visit. Thus, we carry out the measurement of the tire pressure with immediate intervention as soon as the tire is under-inflated.

This action generated a threefold decrease in tire blowouts and a 0.5l/100 fuel saving.

The small gestures of daily life

Smaller actions have also been implemented. These actions are aimed at small everyday gestures which, when put together, generate real energy savings and reduce waste production.

For example, in each department, a selective sorting system has been set up to recycle paper. We also replaced the lighting system on the platforms. Smart energy-saving LED lights have been installed. The lights are only turned on when the agents pass by.

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