Need to deliver your oysters or wine? Call on the Goëvia transport company

Livraisons de marchandises avant Noël
25 Oct, 2023

End-of-year festivities: how to deliver your oysters or wine on time?

Whether you’re an oyster farmer in Oléron or on the Bassin d’Arcachon, a winemaker in Aquitaine or a wine merchant in Bordeaux, you’re one of those people who make a living from their passion. Your oysters, champagne or wine are produced and sold with the utmost care. The goal: to offer the best products to your customers. What’s more, these products can be enjoyed at festive events all over France, making your work even more unforgettable. Don’t let delivery compromise the work you’ve already done. Your products require special transport, so choose your carrier with the same care you took when producing your products.

Transporting oysters or wine: a risky business!

Shipments of oysters, wine or champagne are often tricky. Firstly, because they are fragile products requiring special transport conditions. Shipments are also complicated by the fact that they are often made during busy periods of the year, such as Christmas. So what can you do to ensure that the transport of your oysters or wine goes as smoothly as possible?

Oyster transport

Message to oyster farmers: don’t panic, if you follow certain rules your customers will be able to enjoy your oysters (Marennes d’Oléron, Gillardeau, Huîtres spéciales d’Arcachon, etc.) on time. For successful transport, your oysters must be shipped by equipped carriers and accompanied by a registration document. Secondly, packaging and wrapping must be meticulous. The oysters are placed in a wooden crate, which is then closed and strapped, and placed in an airtight package. Finally, your oysters must be kept cool (between 5 and 15°), including during transport, and eaten within 4 days.

Transport of wine and champagne

Unsurprisingly, wine and champagne are packaged in glass bottles. Transporting them is tricky because they are fragile. Not only that, they must be transported horizontally and temperature-controlled in air-conditioned containers, to preserve their quality and avoid thermal shock. Packaging must also be adapted to avoid breakage during loading, transport and delivery. Once these steps have been completed, your wine can be delivered in due form. Whatever your location (Médoc, Graves, Sauternes, Blaye, Bourg, Saint-Emilion, Pomerol, Fronsac, etc.), trust Transports Goëvia.

Transports Goëvia, the transporter for oyster farmers and winegrowers

At Transports Goëvia, we regularly work with winemakers, wine merchants and oyster farmers. We are equipped to handle their bottles of wine, as well as their oysters and other seafood. To meet their needs as effectively as possible, we have also created the Baby and Mini offers. They enable professionals to use delivery services even if they have very few goods to deliver:

  • Baby offer : pallet shipment up to 30 kg
  • Mini offer : shipment of a pallet weighing up to 50 kg

A transport service tailored to your merchandise

As mentioned above, our drivers are trained and our vehicles equipped to handle your goods. We don’t stop there. The entire Transports Goëvia team is mobilized for :

  • Deliver goods on time (within 24 to 48 hours) and without unforeseen events
  • Respect the time constraints of our customers
  • Organize appointments and honor reserved slots

With our online transport booking platform, you can also book and manage your transport in just one click.

Whether you’re a winegrower from Bordeaux or an oyster farmer from Charente-Maritime and Aquitaine, Transport Goëvia is the transport company for you.

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