The night shift: the other life of road transport

8 Nov, 2022

The road haulage industry is a bustling business that never stops. Day and night, our teams take turns to guarantee the flow of your pallets. We wanted to give a voice to our night dock teams, often in the shadows, but an essential link in our business. Thus, Mathieu, Damien, Rozaque, Rayan and Emmanuel, agents or dock supervisor at Goëvia tell us about their daily life.

Why did you choose to work at night?

Mathieu, dock agent, with Goëvia since January 2022 It’s a totally different rhythm from the daytime. We challenge ourselves every night. With each service, there are new challenges that must be met. We also have the advantage, once our work is done, of having free time during the day.

Damien, dock agent, with Goëvia since October 2019: in general, I prefer the night rhythm!

Rozaque, dock agent at Goëvia since August 2022: It may sound strange, but I like to work on this night shift.

Rayan, dock agent, with Goëvia since March 2022: I prefer night work, it suits me better.

Emmanuel, dock master, with Goëvia since November 2003: For several reasons! I like the night job and by working shifts, I can enjoy my family a little more. Last but not least, working at night makes the salary more attractive.

What qualities are needed to work at night?

Mathieu: In my opinion, you need to have a very good capacity for concentration, to remain vigilant despite the fatigue and to be involved and assiduous in order to last.

Damien: I would say that it basically takes courage to work at night.
Rozaque: To work at night, you have to be motivated and above all have a real sense of team spirit. Solidarity at night is important!

Rayan: To work at night, you have to be fast and efficient and at night, with the fatigue, it is not always easy.

Emmanuel: Autonomy is an essential quality for the night team, as we are short-staffed. Despite the fatigue, you must also pay constant attention to each task. Finally, you must be able to react and make decisions quickly.

What do you like most about working nights?

Mathieu: I must admit that the salary is really more interesting…
Damien: I like to work off-line. Be in action when everyone else is asleep.
Rozaque: I love the cohesion of our dock team, the atmosphere is great and it changes everything!

Rayan: I love the atmosphere of the team, the conviviality that reigns in the night team.

Emmanuel: Everything and nothing in particular. In the organization of a night shift, everything has a meaning and the same level of importance: sorting of parcels, unloading, identification, zoning of cargo. We have to be focused at all times in order to accompany the drivers’ departures.

What is the most difficult?

Mathieu: Fatigue can be difficult to manage, you have to get into the rhythm. The coffee break helps us a lot!

Damien: At night, we are a small team. It is therefore important to be united and welded, otherwise it can quickly become burdensome …

Rozaque: For me, it is not difficult to work at night. So I would say: nothing! Rayan: I did not encounter any particular difficulties.

Emmanuel: Our worst enemy is fatigue. We must be vigilant at all times.

Would you like to work during the day?

Mathieu: Yes, I am thinking about it and I should take the plunge soon.
Damien: No, not particularly. I am very good at night shifts. Rozaque: NO!

Rayan: No thanks 😉
Emmanuel: No, I like working at night, I don’t see myself changing my rhythm.

Every night, our night shift employees take on challenges! Thanks to their decisive work, we transport our customers’ pallets and flows in the best conditions. We would like to salute their involvement and professionalism, which makes the difference every night and allows the daytime teams, from operations to drivers to the quay, to start their day with controlled and organized freight.

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