Why choose a French SME to transport your goods?

10 Dec, 2020

Many criteria come into play when selecting a partner to transport your goods. The customer-supplier relationship is a key factor in building a long-term relationship. Transportation buyers tend to prefer companies that are small in size . Independent SMEs are generally family businesses that uphold strong values. Indeed, there are many advantages to choosing an independent road carrier: the reactivity of the teams, the quality of the service and the reliability in terms of deadlines.

Call on a historical actor of the local economy

SMEs are historical players in the profession with a real know-how built up over several generations. As players in the real economy, these local transporters have a very detailed knowledge of their regional territory. It should be noted that the freight transport industry is the 4th largest employer in France. Also, SMEs in the logistics sector are very dynamic players in the creation of jobs in French territories.

Benefit from a privileged relationship for your logistic needs

Calling on an independent road haulier allows you to benefit from a privileged accompaniment. When you encounter a problem, it is generally easier to reach a contact person who knows your file within an SME. In addition, the processes are often less cumbersome than in large international groups. This gives the teams more le eway to respond to your needs and quickly meet your expectations. This reactivity is an undeniable criterion when you choose your goods carrier. You will thus obtain more easily answers to your questions in order tooptimize the transport of your pallets to your customers throughout France.

Select an innovative carrier

If you have transportation problems that require customized solutions, call on a French SME. They will be able to demonstrate their creativity in order to offer you innovative solutions. Thanks to their expertise and their ability to adapt, our teams can help you reduce your transport costs. Some independent carriers are also dynamic in the field of innovation and increasingly offer digital solutions to facilitate the tracking of your pallet deliveries. Thanks to this new type of platform, you have access to real-time information to quickly inform your customers waiting for your goods. Having the ability to ensure optimal service increases your customers’ satisfaction and facilitates their loyalty. This new type of online platform, such as Goevia-Online, offers you the possibility to get immediate quotes with attractive rates per pallet.

Working with a local carrier who listens to you

SMEs attach great importance to supporting their employees throughout their working lives. They are committed to enhancing the value of each person’s job and to providing regular training to staff. This commitment is reflected in the dynamism of the teams. Thus, the employees are mobilized to accomplish their logistic missions with care and to transport your goods in the best conditions. Choosing to collaborate with an SME ensures that you will work on a daily basis with people who are attentive to your needs. Such proximity to a local independent carrier builds trust and translates into success for your relationship with your customers.

Goëvia Transport relies on a network of 100 independent transport partners to meet your logistical needs. Its extensive coverage of the territory allows it to offer deliveries in urban centers as well as in remote areas. So don’t wait any longer to start a new collaboration with a French SME under the sign of trust and proximity.

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