Goods deliveries in the city: how to better respect the planet?

3 Nov, 2022

Between the always very dense traffic, the urban development and the increase of the urban population, our cities suffer more than ever from pollution. In order to improve air quality – and by extension quality of life – metropolises are launching various projects to green spaces, encourage pedestrian traffic and create a beautiful environment in city centers. Low Emission Zones (LEZs) are defined with this in mind and restrict traffic in certain areas. As laudable as these initiatives are, they are essential for everyone, but they sometimes add constraints for heavy trucks, which dread traffic and delivery in the small cobblestone streets of historic districts. In order to skilfully combine ecology and goods transport, Goëvia is adapting to this new situation… And even goes further in the framework of its social and environmental policy!

Goëvia’s expertise : a transport of goods in the city that is ethical, responsible and efficient

The technical choices that make the difference

We always try to use the most environmentally friendly method of transporting goods. But to adapt to all situations such as the delivery of heavy or bulky goods, we cannot decently ensure all our deliveries with electric light vehicles.

That’s why we use hybrid trucks with Solight bodies.

Exceptionally light, their Solight cases have been designed to facilitate maximum loading, both in terms of weight and volume. Better still, they allow you to drive in a thermal, hybrid or 100% electric version, depending on your needs (when the truck enters town, for example). In France, Goëvia presents itself as the first carrier with a 7.5 ton hybrid extended and Solight body, in partnership with the manufacturer Mercedes.

When our hybrid vehicles cannot be used for practical reasons, we continue to deliver goods in Gironde and Nouvelle-Aquitaine using our B100 vehicles which run on rapeseed oil. Oleo100 is a 100% French rapeseed fuel that considerably reduces pollution from heavy trucks.

Our expertise to deliver efficiently and respect the planet

All our drivers are experts trained in the transport of goods: they are capable of maneuvering heavy trucks, even in very narrow spaces… All while remaining calm and courteous! They all know the reflexes and good practices in terms of eco-driving, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions from all routes.

We use daily applications dedicated to performance monitoring (advanced eco-driving aids, real-time tire pressure measurement, etc.), to protect the well-being of our employees, the interests of our customers and the balance of our planet.

From Bordeaux to La Rochelle, adapting to the rules in place for for the transport of goods

The hustle and bustle of Bordeaux, a challenge for road transporters

The entire historic center of the city of Bordeaux is difficult to access for trucks (and even for private cars!). For example, in Saint Catherine Street, the longest shopping street in Europe (nearly 1.3 kilometers), heavy goods vehicles are prohibited. Road transport companies that need to deliver goods can only access the area between 7 and 11 a.m., with vehicles of less than 7.5 tons.

La Rochelle projects, another challenge for your carrier in New Aquitaine

By the year 2025, a low greenhouse gas emission zone will be implemented in La Rochelle, as in many other major French cities. At this time, we do not know what the defined perimeter will be, and what concrete prohibitions will be in place.

Nevertheless, we are already anticipating, in the premises of our freight transport agency located near La Rochelle, the constraints that may apply in 3 years. We are ready to mobilize adapted vehicles (those that will be allowed by the Crit’Air 1 regulation) and to optimize as much as possible our itineraries to best serve these restricted areas.

This measure for air quality will be generalized in France: all road transport professionals should prepare for it today!

The ecoresponsible policy of our transport company

At Goëvia, we only use the latest generation of vehicles, as low-polluting as possible, for all pallet, length and goods transport. 100% of our trucks are hybrid or Euro 6 compliant. Better still, nearly one in four vehicles uses renewable energy to run, either Oleo100 or electricity (hybrid engines): by 2025, this will be one in two vehicles.

Our passionate operators work daily to optimize the transport plan and reduce the CO² emissions linked to our activity. Finally, we always take the time to choose our fuel carefully, so that it performs as well and is as clean as possible.

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