Online solution: save time for your punctual shipments

23 Oct, 2020

Order a one-time shipment expedition with a carrier is often time-consuming and you may not have the internal resources to manage your
. Indeed, most of the time to create an account, you have to contact a sales representative who asks you to answer multiple questions about your annual shipping volume and frequency of shipments. You then receive a rate card and have to do complex calculations to estimate the cost of each shipment. For each shipment you have to send an email of collection without having systematically an acknowledgement of receipt. All that energy spent managing your deliveries means less time available for your customers.


Optimize your logistics with a digital solution

The logistics sector is modernizing and more and more French SMEs are now offering online solutions so you don’t have to waste time scheduling your one-off shipments. If you are a merchant or a craftsman and you ship pallets punctually, this type of solution can save you a lot of time. Thanks to digital innovations, you will be able to quickly create an online account to get a quote and track your pallet in real time.


Get an express quote for your transportation

Sometimes you work late at night or on weekends and often the carriers’ offices are not reachable. This leaves you unable to get an instant quote for a shipment. If you are not able to send an offer to your customer quickly, it can damage your business. To overcome this problem, it is preferable to use an online solution where you can calculate your shipment in a few clicks. Simply enter the type of goods, shipping and delivery addresses and you will receive a price to include in your commercial offer in a few minutes.


Book and pay for your shipment in a few clicks

On the model of the BtoC e-commerce sites, you can now buy your transport directly on the internet. To proceed with the online payment you only need to indicate the pick-up and delivery locations. Also specify the size of your pallet, the loading method, the potential access constraints and that’s it! With this type of online booking, you will not have any surprises when you bill. In addition, you can access allyour transportation history in your customer area.


Preserve your customer relationship by guaranteeing your delivery times

Tracking a shipment in real time promotes customer satisfaction. By simply taking a look in your customer area, you can visualize theprogress of your transport. This way, you don’t have to call your carrier to have them contact their local subcontractor, and then call you back with the information. Indeed, thanks to this type of tracking you are able to inform your customer instantly about the precise date of delivery.


So don’t wait any longer to create an account and order your first transport online. Goëvia transport provides this type of digital interface. Go to
Goevia on-line
to make your estimates, order your pick-ups and follow your deliveries in real time. With this new tool you will save time, money and you will increase your customers’ loyalty.

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