Oyster farmers: win the holiday gamble by choosing the right carrier

2 Dec, 2020

Every year, oyster sales explode in December in preparation for the end-of-year celebrations. More than 100,000 tons are consumed each year on Christmas and New Year’s Day. On the side of the oyster farmers, the pressure rises since this period represents 50% of the annual turnover. One of the major challenges is to meet the logistical challenge during this period when logistics flows must be carefully anticipated. Also, during this crucial period, it is necessary for the oyster farmers to choose carefully their carrier to ensure a delivery in the best conditions in the four corners of France.

Select a reliable carrier

Oysters are live and fragile products that must be transported with care. For producers, it is therefore important to choose a carrier that works with respect to this high-end merchandise. Oysters can be transported in refrigerated trucks or in standard trucks. Moreover, the month of December is favourable for the transport of oysters since the temperatures are fresh and the goods often transit at night. All the conditions are thus met so that these exceptional products are preserved perfectly until they are tasted by the amateurs. It should be noted that transport by standard truck is often 30% cheaper than refrigerated transport. With a reliable carrier, it is possible to increase margins and save money by favouring transport with short lead times.

Opt for a local carrier

For oyster farmers located in Gironde or Charente, it is preferable to choose a local carrier who will be able to quickly pick up the pallets of oysters to ship them to the rest of France. From the Bassin d’Arcachon to Marennes Oléron, via Cap Ferret or the Ile de Ré, proximity to the carrier is a key asset to respect the freshness of the product.

Work with a carrier that meets deadlines

Very often, it is necessary to organize the transport of oysters to different customers in France. It is also important to ensure that the carrier is able to deliver to all regions in France within 24 to 48 hours. Thanks to a reliable carrier, the oysters are delivered in time to the works councils, the Cafés Hotels Restaurants as well as the Great Distribution. These treasures of the sea are thus found on the plates of French consumers ready to be tasted as if they had just come from the producer.

Goëvia transports accompany the oyster farmers during this strategic period. Recognized for our reliability, the quality of our customer service and the respect of deadlines, we take care of deliveries from 1 to 33 pallets in the whole France. Our semi-trailers supply the retailers in the four corners of France in short times in the respect of the product.

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