The strategic positioning of Goëvia agencies in Bordeaux

3 May, 2023

Since its creation in 2001, Goëvia has thought the positioning of its agencies as a strategic lever. Today, this network allows us to perfectly control our territory of action, the large South-West quarter and more particularly Bordeaux.

Indeed, the genesis of Goëvia lies in the heart of the Gironde. Nevertheless, very soon after the creation of the company, in order to have a better influence on the Aquitaine region, we opened an agency in Charente-Maritime. Then in 2015, we already have the ambition to be an SME with an industrial dimension. We are therefore anticipating the development of the Bordeaux urban area by being the first carrier to set up in Cestas, in the heart of the region’s leading industrial hub.

Why a double location of agencies in Bordeaux?

In recent years, the city of Bordeaux has undergone significant demographic and structural changes. According to Insee data, Bordeaux’s population grew by 7.8% between 2015 and 2020. This development also affects the road freight transport sector in the Bordeaux area.

The road remains an essential mode of transport for the local economy, due in particular to the strong presence of sectors of activity such as agribusiness, viticulture and aeronautics. The city’s geographical location makes it a strategic crossroads for several major transportation routes, including the A10 and A62 highways and the Garonne waterway.

However, the Bordeaux metropolitan area has put in place several initiatives to promote a more sustainable use of road freight. One example is the encouragement of the development of electric trucks, particularly in downtown Bordeaux. Goëvia has met its standards by investing in hybrid trucks and then in a B100 CRIT AIR 1 fleet (100% vegetable and French energy).

In addition to the environmental issue and its restrictions, MRT is confronted with road congestion in the Bordeaux area. Bordeaux is considered the 3rd most congested city in France. Beyond the issues of respecting deadlines, this increase in road traffic represents for our drivers a loss of service time of more than 170 hours per year, the equivalent of one month’s pay. These are the reasons that motivated Goëvia to set up an agency in the south of Bordeaux, in addition to its headquarters in Vayres. Our SME thus becomes the only local carrier to benefit from a double location north and south of Bordeaux and thus limit the impact of traffic congestion.

This loading and unloading point in the south of the Bordeaux agglomeration, in the Pot Au Pin area in Cestas, allows us to easily reach the Landes, the Basque Country but also the south of Europe.

Ambitious prospects

And the ambition of the 2 Bordeaux agencies does not stop there. The land reserves allow us to study development solutions. This dual location combined with the coordinated work of the two teams allows us to be much more agile and effective than medium-sized transport companies.

Thus, our agencies in the heart of the 2 regional epicenters of activity work hand in hand to optimize the transport plans and thus, for our customers, costs and times are further improved.

Our agency in Charente

As for the Tonnay-Charente agency in the 17th, it allows us to be present in the north of the New Aquitaine region and to reach the main business areas of Saintes and La Rochelle. In Tonnay-Charente, we are at the barycentre of our neighbor’s activity and beyond, the agency offers us a bridge to the commercial and industrial offer of Charente and more particularly of Angoulême.

But these strategic choices are nothing without a well-trained and dynamic team. We are looking for a dock agent / day driver for the Cestas agency and an SPL and HGV driver for the Tonnay-Charente agency.

We are also in the process of building the 2023/2024 team of work-study students and we still have a position for a work-study truck driver.

To apply, it’s here!

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