What are the challenges of a successful white glove delivery?

17 Apr, 2023

White glove delivery is part of Transports Goëvia’s know-how: for this specific service, dedicated personnel and equipment must be mobilized. In concrete terms, this service involves delivering the equipment directly to the end customer, but also unpacking and installing it on site. This premium approach requires both technical mastery and strong interpersonal skills. Discover how we combine know-how and interpersonal skills in this essential service!

A white glove delivery: what are the challenges for your carrier?

White glove delivery requires two employees on board the vehicle: the driver and the ripper. The ripper, on the other hand, helps with the handling: loading the goods, unloading them, delivering them and installing them on site. The ripper’s job may be necessary for other specific transports, such as dedicated/customized transport services or art shipments, for example.

In the context of a white glove delivery, the driver and ripper form a real pair. One of the members of this pair must be certified to connect the device on site. This electrical clearance is required for all operations on electrical installations, including a simple connection. Based on the French Labour Code and the French standard NFC 18-510 of January 2021, this accreditation has been set up to guarantee the safety of all when manipulations have to be done at the electrical level.

In order to make a successful white glove delivery in optimal conditions, the carrier must be able to provide its teams with the right equipment. In concrete terms, we will use a hand truck for handling, straps for fastening, but also gloves to guarantee optimal hygiene.

The challenges of a white glove delivery are multiple: employees must provide the requested service, deliver a positive brand image, satisfy the customer and demonstrate good interpersonal skills.

The commitments of a carrier for a quality white gloves delivery

Choosing a good carrier for your white glove deliveries means making sure that your service provider meets your specifications and the customer’s requirements. He must also ensure that the premises are left in the same state of cleanliness as when he arrived: he unpacked the products and took the packaging with him, and he checked that he had not forgotten anything on site.

For this type of delivery, an appointment must be made systematically. It is accompanied by a work of anticipation impossible to circumvent: we check the address on Google Maps in order to anticipate the possible difficulties of access, and we also make sure to choose the vehicle and the material adapted to the requests.

White glove delivery is one of the top-of-the-line services that a trucking company can provide. If you need this service, trust a small business known for its know-how and its concern to have a human and benevolent approach. An approach focused on efficiency, respect for specifications and customer satisfaction.

Looking for a transport of goods? White glove delivery or any other transport and logistics service? Choose Transports Goëvia : communicate your needs to our customer service, we will find solutions for you together.

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