How are your transport and logistics costs competitive levers for your company?

28 Jan, 2021

Your transport and logistics budget must be controlled so as not to affect the profitability of your goods shipments. However, beyond your carrier’s rate, other criteria can influence your company’s competitiveness. We explain in detail these indicators to be taken into account.

The reliability of your goods transportation: a lever for customer satisfaction

Reliability is a key criterion in the perception of your company by your customers. It is important to choose a reliable carrier with whom you will have a limited number of disputes. Indeed, damaged orders or lost pallets directly harm your image. Your customers consider the transportation of their goods as a continuity of your business. In fact, your carrier must be completely transparent about the status of your shipments. You can choose to work with a carrier that uses advanced digital solutions. For example, the Goeviaonline digital platform allows you to create your own customer area and to follow in real time the routing of your pallet. You no longer have to wait for the carrier to call you to inform you of a possible problem, so you can be more reactive in your customer relationship. In this sense, the carrier plays a crucial role in the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.

The speed of your pallet transport: a cash flow lever

If you choose to work with a local carrier, you have a better chance of getting competitive shipping times. Indeed, by collaborating with a local local SME such as Goëvia transport, you will get faster pick-ups of your goods. Your pallet can then be delivered between 24H and 48h to your customer in France. Thus, beyond improving customer satisfaction, you will obtain a proof of delivery and therefore the payment of this order more quickly. Note that the speed of transportation of your goods directly impacts your cash flow and the health of your business.

The quality of the transport of your orders: a lever of profitability

By relying on a qualified carrier, you can optimize all your flows and build a transport plan consistent with the type of goods you want to ship. In order to respond to complex problems, some SMEs, such as Goëvia transport, have internal design offices. They have the possibility to offer you dedicated solutions s to help you optimize your transport and logistics. With the advice of logistics professionals, you can reduce your CO2 emissions as well. Rely on experts to improve the quality of your pallet road transport and the profitability of your shipments.

In summary, the choice of a carrier must be based on the rates but also, and especially, on the reliability, speed and quality of the service. It is essential to work with a trusted provider who will help you optimize your logistics and costs. Contact us nowt Goëvia’s transport teams, an expert will call you back quickly to answer your request.

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